About Us

3D Access is an Australian based access consultancy company that specialises in providing superior technical expertise and advice in the field of disability access. Our approach is based on experience gained in engineering, with the objective of delivering our clients the best possible outcomes in the environments they are creating for their future occupants. We achieve this by going beyond the minimum to create an environment that not only meets the functional needs of people with disabilities but enhances access for all potential users.

We can strongly contribute to all phases of projects, new or existing, from reviewing initial design documentation, undertaking inspections to formulating Performance-Based solution where standard design requirements are not considered to achieve the level of access necessary.

Due to our range of expertise within the Built Environment we are confident of our ability to deliver reports that are technically robust that not only comply with the Building Code of Australia and Premises Standards but are also concise and easy to interpret.


3D Access are proud to advise that we are partners with Fire Safety Engineers Dobbs Doherty, and Acoustic Specialists Cogent Acoustics.

Need a Fire Safety Engineer - http://www.dobbsdoherty.com.au/

Need an Acoustic Specialist - http://www.cogentacoustics.com.au/



Confidence in our ability

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality services and our ability to follow through on our commitments.



Creative Access Solutions

We work to develop creative and technically robust access solutions that ensures the best possible outcome for both the client and the end user.



Effective Communication

We understand that effective communication is developed not through talking but by listening; we listen to ensure we can offer a solution that can be tailored to your needs.